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In progress
Changelog widget
Roadmap sites
Help desk sites
let multiple users manage one website
Single page websites (layout like in Notion, for simple use cases like terms and policy pages)
Transfer notaku.website to notaku.so
copy customizations form other websites to speed up customization process if you have many sites
customize colors (banner, links, bold text, code, …)
use the page bradcrumb in docs social media images
Add a show more button in borad (roadmap) blocks
Add tags to changelog entries using Notion database field. Tags like new, feature, fix, …
Pretty urls (no id at the end of url)
add default og:image to blog index page
Use page icons as favicons if no favicon is set in settings
add default og:image to changelog websites with title changelog and last update time
Do not show empty cards in board and gallery views
Add β€œremove Notaku branding” option for Business plan
Use date field in blog posts database to customize the publish date
Tool to easily migrate from Gitbook
Lower cache times to instantly see customization changes
Status page
Delete user button
Auto generate social media images for all pages or use Notion cover if present
Changelog sites
Blog sites
Custom favicon
Custom footers
Custom header links
Top bar banner

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